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The infected keep many of the traits of individuals for example great motor techniques as viewed via their use of easy weapons such as scythes and axes, and much more complex weapons such as chainsaws and chainguns. They are observed to obey "Queen" parasites, much like ants.

A ailment which results in the speaker to state the opposite of the proper remedy to an issue posed by One more social gathering. This ailment was thought up about the place by Ace just after he realizes the people today while in the bar Consider improperly of Ray Finkle.

At some point, he hallucinated a marker held by Mion Sonozaki for being a syringe, having read that a murderer within the city was on medicine. This triggered him to kill Mion, and also Rena Ryuuguu, using a baseball bat. Normally, the end result with the condition will involve suicide, which Keiichi did by clawing his throat out. Rena also after tried suicide within the syndrome by chopping her wrist having a knife. It really is discovered later on inside the sequence that Hanyuu, the incarnation of Oyashiro, was chargeable for many of the paranoia, largely that one is currently being viewed or followed. However, the disorder was however primarily psychological.

In the movie, the chief of a neighborhood militia has attained both the virus and what he believes to be a vaccine for it, and decides to start an epidemic While using the virus, believing that he will probably be Protected simply because he has taken the vaccine. A local health practitioner of Indian (Native American) ancestry fights to find a overcome for it.

The virus eats alone when there's nothing else to attack. It is sort of effective from Tyrranids. Within the brief-Tale anthology Planetkill, an up-to-date pressure goes after the soul, turning the population into zombies, established by a Techpriest inhabited by a daemonic Unclean A person.

A supervirus which influences Anyone on the planet over the age of puberty. It spreads quickly and is nearly 100% fatal, Even though you can find seemingly some carriers who never acquire the disorder.

Lots of ages before Ark's journey to the surface of the whole world, the former generations of Humanity ended up decimated by an airborne virus by having an believed mortality charge of 90%.

The condition also spawned many mutant human species: transmutes, which have owl features and they are passive Except if provoked and fifty percent-mutes, who will be very aggressive with qualities extra like zombies.

In truth, "white fever" is one of numerous useful source hoaxes orchestrated by Valachan's ruler, Baron Urik von Kharkov, so that you can conceal his legitimate mother nature from his topics. The illness is really due to the vampiric feeding with the Baron and his servants.

The illness has no cure or remedy, While faux, silicone buttocks can easily relieve agony due to sitting to the backbone. Hank Hill is often a sufferer.

A mysterious disease which swept down by way of each kingdom of Middle-earth throughout the mid 1600s from the 3rd Age in the Sunlight. The Plague's origins are mysterious except it had been possibly contracted through the Corsairs who attacked Gondor in 3rd Age 1634, two decades prior to the Plague occurred.

Not a human sickness, but a single which affects humans and various inhabitants of the sting by attacking the rocks in the flight ships that's the principal indicates of transportation and conversation on the Edge. As being the flight ships are carried aloft because of the rocks, this places an finish to company and trade, causing a brief societal collapse followed by a gradual rebuilding of society when the Edge's inhabitants develop into accustomed to existence with Stone-sickness. Indications of contaminated flight rocks incorporate a brief scar, accompanied by an open wound along with a gaping gap given that the rock dissolves.

A highly contagious virus that infects the Mind of its host, turning them into crazed blood-thirsty cannibals (fundamentally zombies) which might be named Cranks. Fewer than 1% in the populace is proof against the virus, and are referred to as Munies.

A virus that gestated in wolves two thousand decades back. The primary to be contaminated was Genghis Khan. It leads to the indications typically linked to vampirism, photosensitivity and invincibility.

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